Archery Supplies

Archery Supplies

Archery is an ancient sport that’s centuries old and uses arrows and an archery bow has quite an interesting history. In generations past, archery was crucial for survival, yet almost died out in the modern world. Could this sport, which is really rather popular, go to the other?

Long before man had gunpowder to power bullets and other weapons, a simple bow and arrow bought from archery supplies was all that early guy that is separated from other beasts of the times. Since man was slow and defenseless as compared to other creatures, he developed weapons.

Archery equipment bought from archery supplies was needed less and less, mainly because of the proliferation of modern creations like the firearm, as the centuries passed. When the last of the American Indians were placed on reservations in the early 1900’s, archery almost died in the U.S. as there was no actual practical use for this historical technology.

The resurgence of archery, and the archery bow and arrow supplied by archery supplies, started in 1900, as archery was added to the Olympics, where a competitive sport has continued to this day as it. No longer needed for survival, many individuals all over the world began to develop the sport devoted to competition and skill development, rather than hunting and basic survival.

Archery Supplies

Technological developments for example the compound bow, which multiplied the force of a bow by using pulleys and a considerably stiffer bow stuff and arrows made of metals vs. stone propelled archery to a substantially higher plane of relevance. While these improvements to the fundamentals of archery occurred hundreds of years past, their fundamental designs have carried over largely intact over the centuries.

New manmade materials including graphite construction, plastics and fiberglass have contributed to enormous improvements in performance as compared to archery bows supplied by archery supplies of years past. And, the resurrection of bow hunting as a serious sport, as an alternative to using a gun, has given new significance to the “art” of hunting, as bow hunters can’t rely on the awesome power of a gun to bring down their prey. Th sport is back!

Archery as a sport that is serious is here to stay, regardless of if you use your archery bow bought from for hunting or competitive sport.