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Crossbow bought from archery shop is mainly utilized as a weapon. Crossbow bought from archery shop is frequently mistaken with a bow. It is similar to a bow in operation, but both are not same. The construction of a crossbow bought from archery shop is like that of a little bow attached over a small bit of wooden plank, assembled with a little lever mechanism to fire arrow that is little like constructions.

Initially developed as a hunting weapon supplied by archery shop, crossbows were also used as an efficient and powerful weapon in war fields that were historical.

Archery Shop

The small arrows supplied by archery shop like structures which can be used in a crossbow are called ‘bolt’. A bolt is more similar to an arrow, but has a decreased length when compared to an arrow. A bolt has a metal tip and a light feathering at the rear end. The feathering can be used to guide the metal point and the bolt to hit the target hard.

The major difference between a standard bow and a crossbow is a crossbow has a shorter drawn at length than a bow. A lighter crossbow can be drawn by hand readily but heavier ones are needing some form of mechanical set up. A number of the mechanical support systems are the pull lever, push lever, windlass, etc.

The string used in a crossbow bought from archery shop is composed of powerful fibers. These fibers are made from different fabrics like hemp, whipcord, linen and sinew. Of wood that was only crossbows were made in ancient times. Modern day cross bows are made from fiber glass and wood. Crossbows are used in match competitions over 10m (33 ft) and 30m (100 feet).

Crossbows supplied by are considered to be the inspiration for modern day firearms. Firearms function in an identical way as that of a cross bow. The process of loading a gun and firing is similar in function of loading shooting and a bolt in a crossbow as that.