Project Schedule

The project is a 30-month study structured in three phases, as follows:



Phase 1 
This phase includes the initial data collection activities, incorporating stakeholder coordination, development of preliminary conceptual alternatives, initial environmental baseline activities in the corridor, and preparation of the travel demand model.

During this phase, the general location and technology alternatives will be carried forward for additional study in the Tier I Environmental Impact Statement.

Phase 2 
The second phase is initiated by formal project scoping, as well as the completion of a draft purpose and need statement. Environmental analysis of the study alternatives will be initiated, including an assessment of community, social and land use impacts. The economic impact analysis of the study alternatives will also take place, as well as the completion of ridership forecasts. Also during this phase, the cost estimates for construction, operation and maintenance will be developed.

Public involvement activities will continue throughout this phase.

Phase 3
This phase is comprised of the preparation, review and distribution of the Draft and Final Environmental Impact Statements. The preferred alternative will be identified. Public hearings will also be held and public comments addressed. The Record of Decision will be prepared based on the study results and public comment.